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7th Sea Storium
stretch goals


Am I the only one looking forward to this particular stretch goal? I keep wanting to start a 7th Sea game on Storium, but knowing that an official 7th Sea world is coming makes me hesitant - why do the work if someone else already is? :) I just don't know when that will be, since I'm guessing it will be dependent on being able to allow individual players access to a single extra setting.

For those who haven't checked it out, Storium is a Play By Post site with a simple card based mechanic. I only looked at the site because I wanted to know what I was getting with that particular stretch goal....

I'm now Narrating two games (my profile says 4, but one is a template, and the other I just don't want to suspend.) and playing in 3 actively (and 2 that are on hold because the Narrator dropped off the face of the earth, one game I'm about to drop) while on the look out for new ones, and considering starting narrating another one.

And I don't consider myself a fan of Play by Post.

Those who are more interested in the narrative than the mechanics will probably enjoy it a fair amount. The mechanics are really, really light (but they exist) I do suggest people check it out. Basic accounts are free (though limited) and member accounts are fairly reasonable (comparable to Obsidian Portal)

And no, other than enjoying the heck out of the site, I am not affiliated with it in any way. :)

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I was pretty cagey with my bid, because there was no way my wife was going to approve of me pledging at the Pirate level for all the swag.  And so, why I mainly play online these days, I wanted this and the GM screen because I hope that one day I get back to actual face-to-face table top play and I see both of these being very useful in that.  I'm not so much interested in using the deck as a replacement for cards (though once upon a time I would have – and still might change my mind on that score), but for character creation and just as a cool prop I think the deck is going to be great.  Really pleased they are going to release PDFs of the cards (and the villain and hero decks as well) becuase that will make it easy to import it into Roll20.

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Same here, I looked into Storium because it's a stretch goal.

I'm looking forward to it, probably won't become a paid member until after GenCon.  Maybe play a few free games to get the feel for the "system"

Looking forward to 7th Sea and In Nomie

"...for it is the deeds of weak and mortal men that may tip the scales one way or the other..."

Alfredo Tarancón
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I was a backer on the storium ks, and have tried to host a few games with my friends, but we were unable to keep a regular schedule  and eventually the games got stuck. I like the system and believe that it's a great tool, but you need people used to this kind of thing, and real commitment... When they released the first worlds a few months back I was tempted to use "The Far Shore" setting by Sage LaTorra as starting point for a 7th Sea game... And I'm actually eager to see the official adaptation, someday...

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I just realized you guys are talking about something COMPLETELY different.  Gah!  What kids do to your brain.  Carry on.  Please ignore my previous remarks. :)

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