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Darryl Anderson
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1st edition rules, 2nd edition setting
7th Sea

After trying out the 2nd edition rules my group wasn't really fans of the game. We decided to go back to a House ruled 1st edition. Thing is that we really like the 2nd ed. setting and there is a player who wants to make a character from the Sarmatian commonwealth (with sorcery). Anyone know of any conversions that exist?

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BluSponge blusp...
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You know what, I'm not really sure *any* conversion is necessary for Sanderis.  Think about it.  The whole sorcery is about a deal with a demon and the choices you make.  YOU are not the one using the magic, you are only paying the price.  So why would you need to roll for any of it?  To realize it was a bad deal?  To arbitrarily outwit your devais?  None of those sound particularly good for the game.

I would simply review the rules for the Sidhe in the Avalon book and repurpose those to some degree.

I guess you'd have to think about how the different deals are picked up given the 3 tiered scheme.  2 deals per level seems about right, and then the seventh deal is its own thing.

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