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  • by Harliquinn Whit...
  • Mon, 10/10/2016 - 09:48

I'm thinking long-term and with GM Stories around 1-3 Steps, I worry that continuing to give out 1 and 2-pt Rewards may result in all Heros becoming homogenized in that everyone will have all Skills at Rank 1 and all 1-pt Advantages, even if they don't 'want' them. I've had some players tell me that there are skills they don't want to have any Ranks in and not everyone needs/wants to be a Linguist or Able Drinker.

That said, I was wondering if anyone has thought of alternate GM Story Rewards that don't involved XP?

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  • by Harliquinn Whit...
  • Wed, 07/13/2016 - 13:54


   Having just realized Hero's get Rewards for GM Stories in a similar way as Player Stories, have GM's put any restrictions, guidelines, or requirements on how the player's spend these "Reward Points"?

   For instance, say the group completes a 3 Point GM Story. Do you give out "3 XP" and say "Spend this however you want?" So that the player could raise something from 2 to 3, could buy a 3 point advantage, buy a 2 point and a 1 point advantage, or just bank it for going towards a 5-point advantage or raising a Skill from 4-5?

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