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Seventh Sea
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Kickstarter Update 31
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QUOTE: John Wick Presents (published 2016-04-05, Tuesday)

1st Edition PDFs, Backerkit, Freelance Work, and Foreign Licensing

Hello all!

We’ve got a lot of housekeeping to attend to today. While John and the rest of the writing staff slave away on the main text and images for the Core Rulebook, the production team has been busy with PDFs, Backerkit and more... 

7th Sea: 1st Edition PDFs 

Over the weekend, we sent out over 10,000 PDFs to all the backers who have already completed the early Kickstarter survey. We’re going to be doing a Backerkit survey later to ask about add-ons (see below), but this first survey was to get DrivethruRPG emails for this first wave of 1st Edition PDFs.

We’re happy to say that many of those PDFs have already been downloaded from DTRPG! Of course, the massive amount of traffic caused DTRPG to struggle to keep up with you all, but we’ve gotten good reports of folks being able to download their PDFs. Yay!

As a note of clarification, we’re still waiting on DTRPG to assign the remaining nine books (Swashbuckling Adventures) to our account. We’ll send those out to you all as soon as we get them set up with us instead of AEG.

If you have not gotten your PDFs yet, please fill out this form:

DTRPG PDF Error Report: http://goo.gl/forms/zb8XdklEaz

We’ll be sending PDFs out to those backers who haven’t gotten them throughout the week. Thanks again for your patience!

Backerkit Surveys

While our first survey was just about PDFs, our next survey through Backerkit will be the real deal: you’ll get to specify your add-ons, select your sourcebooks, and more. We hoped to get the Backerkit survey out today, but it looks like we need a bit more time to make sure everything is ready. Look for that survey in your inbox by midweek!

In addition to managing existing pledges, we’ll also be taking preorders through Backerkit. If someone you know missed the campaign, they’ll be able to get on board through the preorder page. And remember that all of the additional funds we raise in Backerkit will go toward us reaching that last stretch goal at $1.35M!

Stay tuned for the Backerkit survey this week, and we'll let you know when the preorder page is up and running!

Writing, Art, and Foreign Licensing Applications

In addition to Backerkit, we’re also releasing three new surveys today for folks interested in getting involved with the project:

7th Sea: Call for Writers - Want to write for 7th Sea? Now’s your chance! (http://goo.gl/forms/tTxUJFVz2k)

7th Sea: Call for Artists - Want to contribute art to 7th Sea? We’d love to talk to you! (http://goo.gl/forms/eJdUaCgawh)

7th Sea: Foreign Licensing Bid - Want to publish 7th Sea in a foreign language? Let us know! (http://goo.gl/forms/7t5OWBqGjC)

The two calls for contributors will be open until April 15th; the foreign licensing bid process will be open to April 22nd. Please let us know if you’re having any problems fill out the appropriate form.

We’re looking forward to picking out some awesome writers and artists for upcoming books, and we’re really excited to talk to any publishers looking to bring 7th Sea to a foreign language market. Fill out the right form and we’ll be in touch!

Thank you! 

As always, we really appreciate everyone’s kindness and patience as we get things out the door. You all are amazing fans, and we’re pumped to make 7th Sea: Second Edition a reality! Thanks!

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Seventh Sea
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A quick repeat of interesting aspects for fans (Writers Call Deadline 2016-APR-15)


Cthulhu Netobvious
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Hope fans of 7thSea2e.com submitted some cool 500-word narratives to John Wick and company too. Today the 15th of April was the deadline.

TAJ-07: Technopriest And Justicar Of 7thSea2e

Doctor's picture

Tomorrow is the deadline, it's the 14th over here. I am about to submit once I figure out how to cut three words.

“Every normal man must be tempted at times to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin to slit throats.”
- H.L. Mencken

Bradley's picture

I had thought about it, but I cannot come up with anything good for a musketeer.

Salamanca's picture
Is that what they asked for in the writing sample? I sort of feel sorry for the guys reading through all the submissions. That's a lot of stories about the same thing to drag through.
Doctor's picture

In 500 words, describe a Montaigne musketeer who is growing more and more sympathetic to the brewing rebellion against l’Empereur Alexandre. A successful description will not only evoke the panache of Montaigne's finest soldiers, but will also be a useful tool for a GM seeking to integrate the character into a session of 7th Sea. Consider how you might get your players invested in such a character, and feel free to be direct with examples and suggestions to the GM.


In 500 words, describe a series of caverns in The New World that the native peoples use to access the Underworld. A successful description will create an air of mystery and wonder without casting the local people as magical natives or foolish savages. Ensure--as with Writing Test #1--that your work is useful to the GM and rich with opportunities for players to engage with the setting during an actual session of 7th Sea.

“Every normal man must be tempted at times to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin to slit throats.”
- H.L. Mencken

Radagast el Pardo
Radagast el Pardo's picture

Does anybody know anything about the calls for writers and artists?

Elliot Smorodinsky
Elliot Smorodinsky's picture

I have not heard anything. I am *assuming* that means my submission did not make the cut. I could be mistaken in that assumption, however.

Doctor's picture

According to JWP, they have been contacting people on a rolling basis, which makes a ton of sense. I am sure they don't want to announce a bunch of names like they were sweepstakes winners then end up not needing them. My guess is that there is a short list that they are moving down as needs arise. Freelancers plug gaps and gaps tend to make themselves known on their own schedules. While I haven't recieved an email saying "thanks but no thanks," I am not exactly holding my breath that I made the cut. Still, one in three or four hundred isn't a bad set of odds, all things considered.

“Every normal man must be tempted at times to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin to slit throats.”
- H.L. Mencken

Deanna's picture
John mentioned something about an announcement on that coming soon.
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