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Elbellechan Chi...
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Maps from 1st Ed

I'm looking for city maps (Charouse specifically) and am wondering whether there were official ones made for it and the other large cities.  

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Elbellechan ^_^

Joachim Deneuve...
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There are a number of official maps of cities.  The most obvious one is Frieburg, but I think all of the Nation books have one as well.  And Charouse is in Montaigne.

Elbellechan Chi...
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Thanks. I'll look in that book than.


Elbellechan ^_^

BluSponge blusp...
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I'll be frank.  The city maps in first edition sucked.  They were terrible.  As someone who loves city maps in RPG (though rarely uses them), there isn't a single city map in a single sourcebook that I can point to and say, "they did a great job."  Even (especially) once they brought in the d20 audience.  The maps are terrible.

Here's the official map of Charouse.  It's a pretty good representative of the whole.

Now compare that to a completely amateur rendering of Paix.

I mean, it's pretty disgraceful.  I'm not sure what the maps for L5R looked like, but they couldn't have been worse.

No, I would suggest just doing a pinterest search for fantasy city maps and finding some you like and relabeling them for your own purposes.  Everyone will be happier.


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