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Kickstarter Update 66 (Lands of Gold and Fire preview) and 7th Sea 1868
kickstarter, preview, ifri, 1868

QUOTE: The John Wick Presents crew (published 2018-04-01, Sunday)

Lands of Gold and Fire layout preview

Lands of Gold and Fire layout preview

Hello and happy spring! We hope this update finds you in good spirits and warmer weather.

We’ve had some small delays as we adjust to our new production schedule. Rest assured, these delays are necessary to promise the same level of quality of our previous sourcebooks. Current timetables are as follows:

  • The New World: COMPLETE
  • Lands of Gold and Fire: proofing, PDF delivery estimated April 2018
  • The Colonies: copy editing to layout, PDF delivery estimated May 2018
  • Secret Societies: copy editing, PDF delivery estimated June 2018
  • Cities of Faith - Vaticine City: layout to proofing, PDF delivery estimated April 2018
  • Cities of Faith - Iskandar: copy editing to layout, delivery TBD
  • Cities of Faith - Quamontaigne: dev editing, delivery TBD
  • Maps: Colonies map dev review, estimated May 2018*
  • The Gossamer Empire: layout, electronic delivery estimated early May 2018

*Why the map delays? The print maps have been delayed due to the extensive research that’s gone into naming locations for The Colonies sourcebook map. We’re excited to get the maps into your hands, and hope to have PDF previews in April! Thanks for your patience!

Welcoming Danielle Lauzon as Line Developer!

7th Sea sourcebook writer and developer Danielle Lauzon has taken on a new role in the company. Please join us in welcoming Danielle as the new Line Developer for 7th Sea! As Line Developer Danielle will be:

  • Creating and maintaining an internal wiki to keep the 7th Sea universe organized and the information collated
  • Checking through each book after development to ensure timeline accuracy and maintain internal setting consistency
  • Working with foreign translators to approve their products
  • Maintaining errata for correcting mistakes in already published materials. 

Check out the most recent episode of Spirit of the 7th Sea, where Danielle talks timelines, errata, and a view into the future!

Link to episode: https://7thsea.libsyn.com/timelines-errata-and-the-future-of-7th-sea-with-danielle-lauzon

Lands of Gold and Fire Preview

We’re planning to have the Lands of Gold and Fire PDF ready for backer preview and survey feedback next week.

Lands of Gold and Fire layout preview

Lands of Gold and Fire layout preview

In the meantime, check out additional text previews here.

We’ll be back soon with more updates! Happy April 1st!

-John and the Crew

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Joachim Deneuve...
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19th Century 7th Sea is quite amusing.

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