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Rules questions on Lunge

Under "Dueling", the maneuver Lunge says the damage from it can't be avoided or prevented. The Virtue Astute (The Devil) automatically makes a Villain's action fail and the raises used on the action are lost. What happens when a Villain uses Lunge, and thereby uses all their Raises, and a Hero tries to counter it with Astute?


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Joachim Deneuve...
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With my Card Gamer head on, my opinion is this:

Astute causes the action to fail at the declaration stage, before any damage is created, therefore the Virtue is able to cancel Lunge.  If it had instead said that it cancels all damage taken from an action, then it would not have worked.

BluSponge blusp...
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Yup. Arcana trumps maneuver.

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Antti Kautiainen
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Lunge is totally broken as written. I altered it with simple removal of the clause prohibiting damage mitigation. After this, Lunge works fine. 

It is still only manuever you can, and must, spend your extra raises on damage for swordmanschool. It is inefficient, as it shoudl be, as use of several cobmiantison of attacks deal more damage. On the toher hand, only one damage mitigation skill can be used to defens vs. lunge, thus it has its uses. It is desperate move, and leaves you wide open as you cannot defend yourself after lunge. 

With all damge going through, the lunge maneuver is just no brainer for winning first blood duels. The fighter going first gets win. With change allowing damage prevention, it hanges, as most skilled combatants can prevent enough damage with singel parry to survive lunge. 

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