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Luis Olmeda
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Environmental Damage

Hi everyone!

How do you manage the environmental damage (falling from high altitude, drowning, fire, acid...)? How many wounds do you think will it inflict? Do you use any guide or reference?

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Harliquinn Whit...
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I base it on what seems reasonable at the time.

Drowning/Suffocation: I just did this and the PC took a cumulative increasing number of Wounds (1 Wound in round 1, 2 Wounds in round 2, 3 Wounds in round 3)....

Fire/Acid: I would have a set number of Wounds depending on the size/severity. Then if the user doesn't spend X Raises to wipe off the Acid, put the fire out, it does 1 Wound / round after that.

Falling: 1 Wound / 5' of actual 'falling' (Assuming they didn't 'jump down'). I would say reduce distance by 10' if they 'jump' down


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I handle falling in "stories"  so a hero jumping from a balcony just jumps down.  A hero FALLING from a Balcony needs to soak 1 wound.

Higher floors increase the damage by a wound each.  and each story is somewhere between 10-15 feet.

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