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Nathan Henderson
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Konigreich and real world correspondences

Ok, Pösen is Prussia, Hainzl is Bavaria, and Heilgrund is Austria.  Do the other four have correspondences that are less obvious to me?  I guess Freiburg could be Prauge, but that means none of the others can fit as Bohemia.  Any thoughts?

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Ben Woerner
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I can't think of the names at the moment, but one of them is definitely Saxony, and another I thought was Bohemia. Freiburg, in my mind, was more like Frankfurt or one of the Free Cities from history.

Antti Kautiainen
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I cannot recall the name of the lord or city, but there was real version of Freiburg with different name. It was brilliant trial of human nature ending badly in decade or two.

Harliquinn Whit...
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Do you mean Danzig?

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