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Carlo Lope
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Indomitable Will

Was translating the Advantages section for my players when I realized something.

Indomitable Will allows a player to spend a Hero Point to ignore any intimidation or seduction attempts, among others, but on page 151 there is a text about "Limits on Advantages" that says that if a player accepts they can be affected by Advantages like those, they get a Hero Point but if they refuse, it does not work.

Now... my question is: How can a player benefit from Indomitable Will then?

It seems a bit silly to say: Yes, I get affected so give me that Hero Point aaaaand I'm using it on Indomitable Will to resist... when they can simply say "no, it does not affect me".

I can understand this also includes Pressure but 1 Hero Point instead of a Raise seems a bad deal. Perhaps it's just me but I don't like using any Raises from a Villain to "succeed" into seducing or intimidating a player. That leaves, in my opinion, the Advantages as the only tool to do so.

Is there anything I'm not seeing?

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Harliquinn Whit...
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The text on page 151 affects Player vs. Player use of advantages. So for instance, if one Hero attempts to use an Advantage like "Inspire Generosity" against another Hero, the affected Hero can either accept a Hero Point and say "Yup, that works, what do you want me to give you?" or refuse to allow it to affect their character and it has no effect.

This isn't really appropriate for Indomitable Will as it doesn't affect another Hero. It allows a Hero to NOT be affected by someone else. So if the hero with IW is being seduced by another Hero, the choices are:

1) Allow the seduction and be given a Hero Point

2) Refuse the seduction and spend nothing (Because it's another Hero)

3) Go all out and spend a Hero Point to invoke Indomitable Will 

They can't do both #1 and #3 as they've already allowed the seduction in #1

Carlo Lope
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Yeah... I totally missed that the text was addressing the players directly.

Thank you :)

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The key on this is not the player vs. player aspect ( that is important, however). The big point is that once a player accepts or declines a social action against them, it is decided and you do not get a second chance to change things. So when it comes up, the player opts to fail against the attempt OR opts to prevent it using a method of their choice.
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