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True Iskander
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Numa Numa

As I've been going through 1e, I'm trying to figure out which aspects of Theah's history and mythology I want to be "true" in my world.  I haven't run into much about Numa - Does one of the books provide detail about who they were and what they believed?  I did see that both Vendel and Crescents follow astrology that's based on their ancient myths, and I find that really intriguing.

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The Rilasciare book has a fair bit about Numa, but it happens to be some of the more controversial stuff to enter the setting.

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Star West
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Also, while it's not "Official" official, the Revs folks released a "Numa" sourcebook, that while "fan made" was written by a lot of the same writers that were writing the eBook supplements at the end of the line (the only reason it isn't "Official" is because the Brand Manager, who was a volunteer at the time, decided to step down and there was no one to replace him.)

Numa: Heart of the Old

There's also quite a bit scattered throughout the Vodacce book.

True Iskander
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Thank you!  Lots of good stuff there.

Although it doesn't look like any supplement ever put together a not-Greek pantheon.  Maybe I'll have some fun with that.  I really like how they did the Vesten not-Norse mythology.

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Actually, it's never been on the AEG site because whoever was handling web duty at the time was ignoring the brand manager after the line was dropped. Apparently, nobody told that individual there were plans to continue posting new material. Obviously, frustration set in and everybody walked away.
Star West
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Heh, I was trying to be nice and political about it. While it was never clear exactly what was going on, I knew that St Claire and the rest of you guys were putting up with a lot of nonsense over there for a long while at your own time and expense. It still boggles my mind that despite having a team of folks willing to keep producing content for their product free of charge and woudn't at least do the basic steps to support them still boggles the mind. We're lucky that you guys got as much released as you did.

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It was happening during the last year of releases as well. In hindsight, we should have seen the end like a truck in the rearview mirror. As for Numa, it has been described as abandoned, near abandoned, occupied, and in disrepair. So you can make what you want of it. My thought is that it was built near important natural resources on a land trade route with a good defensible terrain. Over time, the resources got used up, trade shifted to naval routes and the defense made it harder to expand so it just sort of sits there like a Rustbelt town. As for heritage, it can mimic your Greek to Rome shift.
Chevalier de Cahusac
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From my reading of the 1e sourcebooks, Numa is basically Rome. In that era, it was situated in the centre of Vodacce but largely abandoned in the aftermath of the Pact. It does get attention in some of the sourcebooks, and I quite like the "fan" PDF.

So, follow up question: Numa definitely exists in 2e. It's referenced in several places, not least in regards to Avalon (which is relevant to my upcoming campaign), there's a Numanari Approach and Numanari Islands, but nothing on the map! Does anyone have any idea exactly where it is? Is it off the map?

At present, I'm assuming it's an archipelago just off the SE corner of the map, populated by a mix of Theans, Crescents and Ifri (this would fit the image of what I assume is one of Elaine's Numanari bodyguards in the Avalon section of the rulebook). I like this, because it's definitely at an angle to the European "expyness" of most of the continent.

Any thoughts?

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