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Patrick McCoy
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Villain's Rules Question?
villains, wounds, health

So I am a little terrified of the new rules. Let's say the heroes are going against a villain that is very skilled or has some kind of special weapon. He could obviously easily have a 10 in STR. If I understand the rules correctly he needs 11 wounds to take a dramatic wound. So you would be looking at 44 wounds to knock someone out.

I am I crazy or is this seem like....really hard for a normal group of 4 to 5 players. Each player would let's say deal 3 to 4 raises worth of wounds each beat. It could easily take them forever to displace 1 STR 10 villain.

I have yet to run the game so maybe I am off on this assumption. I have a game starting on Roll20.net but I am worried that higher level STR villains maybe a little harder than the original rules.

Interested to hear feedback from other GMs.

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Heng benjamin
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4 players, each with 3 raises and weaponnery at 3, lunging on a vilain are doing 24 wounds/round.

It would be a weird strategy and you can do better, but that's just 2 rounds!


Patrick McCoy
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That's assuming you min-max. That's assuming your players are swordsman. Example one is more of talker, etc.

Although your right four skilled swordsman would be a deadly combo.

Heng benjamin
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Ok, I took a rather expeditive exemple. But a duellist can go up to 9 wounds/round (slash/feint/lunge) in the same configuration, regardless of the school.

I doubt you're going to have only one duellist in a 4 player's party, but they still have an average 18 wounds with only one. 

If they do not have one and are not fight capable, they've better not challenge someone so much above their skill....

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You don't have to write scenarios that call for physically beating the villain down either. You can plan for them to opt to escape at a certain number of wounds. You can put the villain between them and an objective like handing over a document. If the players keep him busy long enough for the courier in the group to get through, the villain has no reason to continue. And remember, letting him win builds more influence so he is stronger the next time they fight. So that is not a bad thing early in the campaign. I will guess that after 2 sessions, you will have a feel for just how strong you need to go.
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