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Mark Lundequist
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Quick Start Advantages

Anyone have an idea how much the following Advantages would cost from the Quick Start. 
I like a few of these, but do not see them or any related to them in the Core Rulebook.

Alexsy: Confidants
Ennio: Left Handed, Combat Reflexes (Though this one might be Quick Reflexes in the finished product)
Roberto: Castillian Education, Luck
Azucena: Keen Sense, Ally

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Each should have had about 15 points in advantages, subtract the others should give you a guess. Keen senses is probably a point. Confidants and left handed 2 or 3 I would guess.
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They do sort of correspond to Core Rulebook advantages, if you apply them quite loosely:

Confidants is either Connection or Trusted Companion (the wording could refer to either). 

Left Handed has been absorbed into Ambrogia? a bit?

Castillian Education I think is now covered by University. Luck is now the Devil's own Luck. 

Keen Senses: the closest Advantage is now Eagle Eye? I suppose Eagle Eye would be the model for a hearing-based Advantage with a similar mechanical advantage.

Ally  is Trusted Companion

Hopefully that's of some help

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