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BluSponge blusp...
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Yet Another Character Sheet
character sheet

This one is based on one of the original playtest sheets.  I really like the clean, modern approach to it.  From there, I blatantly stole everything I liked about the other character sheets being created by the community.

7th Sea Character Sheet, Brace of Pistols Style

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BluSponge blusp...
BluSponge blusponge@verizon.net's picture

For anyone curious or interested, here is the playtest character sheet that was the basis for this design.

Myridian's picture

Looks great!

The effect of the 3rd dramatic wound is now 10s explode

"...for it is the deeds of weak and mortal men that may tip the scales one way or the other..."

BluSponge blusp...
BluSponge blusponge@verizon.net's picture

Fixed.  Thanks for the heads up on that one.

BluSponge blusp...
BluSponge blusponge@verizon.net's picture

And here is a form-fillable version.  Let me know if you find any bugs.

Alfredo Tarancón
Alfredo Tarancón's picture

Looks great... I'm gonna try to translate it to spanish for my games... probably will have to change some fonts, but I'm hoping I can do it without screwing the form...

Alfredo Tarancón
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I think that with the form fillable version you should delete the lines inside the Backgrounds and advantages sections in the first page. They're no longer needed, in this format, and can actually get in the way of the text.... aside from that, it looks great...

BluSponge blusp...
BluSponge blusponge@verizon.net's picture

Thanks Alfredo.

I've gone ahead and deleted the lines inside the backgrounds and advantages like you suggested.  I had hoped those wouldn't be an issue, and when I tested them it all seemed ok.  But I'd rather everything work great out of the box, so to speak.

The font I've used for everything is the Aller family: Aller, Aller Light, and Aller Display.

I built the core sheet in InDesign.  I've found that if you edit the sheet outside of Acrobat, the program will save the fields so long as you REPLACE the page (right click the thumbnail for that option) rather than insert the replacement and delete the original.  So if you start tampering with it, be sure to make duplicates of the file.  The fields weren't so bad, but those click boxes were a pain in the keister.

Alfredo Tarancón
Alfredo Tarancón's picture

Hi! Been a while since I visited the forum. I eventually made a spanish version of your PC sheet (and the Ship registry as well).

Spanish 7th Sea Alternative PC Sheet 

Spanish 7th Sea Ship Registry Sheet

I've used it in 3 games so far, and people have loved the style. Some of them have asked me to share it, so I'm guessing there will be another version with some changes to the translation once it's ou there... A couple of weeks ago the spanish edition was confirmed officially, and there are a lot of people asking around for info about the game. 

Cthulhu Netobvious
Cthulhu Netobvious's picture
Nicely done, @Alfredo. It is great to see 7th Sea Spanish getting many fans too. The Spanish Character Sheet is a nice touch. Hopefully, we may also get a French one (there are also many French speakers, especially in Africa).

TAJ-07: Technopriest And Justicar Of 7thSea2e

Catalina Arciniega
Catalina Arciniega's picture
Shiny! Just a minor issue, you forgot to translate Hubris (to defecto, vicio or whatever you think is fitting).
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