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Hero - Roberto Gallo

Hero - Roberto Gallo


Roberto Gallo, Castillian Captain

Nation: Castille

Religion: Vaticine

Traits: Brawn 2, Finesse 3, Wits 3, Resolve 2, Panache 3

Backgrounds: Miriablis, Ship Captain

Skills: Aim 2, Athletics 1, Convince 3, Empathy 1, Notice 1, Perform 1, Ride 1, Sailing 3, Scholarship 2, Tempt 2, Warfare 1, Weaponry 2

Advantages: Able Drinker, Handy, Leadership, Ordained, Married to the Sea, Sea Legs, Spark of Genius, Valiant Spirit

Arcana: Exemplary (Virtue), Foolhardy (Hubris)

Starting Reputation: 0

Starting Wealth: 0

Languages: Castillian Old Thean, Vodacce

Personal Items: Rapier, flintlock pistol with powder and shot, traveling clothes, long cape, spyglass

Background: A dashing scoundrel with a devil-may-care attitude and a heart of gold, Roberto was initially hired to transport Ennio and Domenica to Sarmatia.  He is old friends with Ennio and wants to convince the duelist to join him on his ship and live a life of adventure once again.

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