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Hero - Ennio Vespucci

Hero - Ennio Vespucci


Ennio Vespucci, Vodacce Bravo

Nation: Vodacce

Religion: Vaticine

Traits: Brawn 2, Finesse 4, Wits 2, Resolve 2, Panache 3

Backgrounds: Bravo, Duelist

Skills: Athletics 3, Convince 1, Empathy 3, Hide 1, Notice 2, Perform 1, Sailing 1, Tempt 2, Weaponry 3

Advantages: Duelist Academy (Ambrogia), Hard to Kill, Indomitable Will, Poison Immunity, Quick Reflexes (Weaponry)

Arcana: Hot-Headed (Hubris), Glorious (Virtue)

Starting Reputation: 0

Starting Wealth: 0

Languages: Old Thean, Vodacce

Personal Items: Rapier and main-gauche, fine-quality clothing

Background: The brother of Domenica and a famed Vodacce duelist, Ennio was sent to ensure her safety throughout the wedding and beyond, as well as make sure the match was a good one.  He’s also old friends with Roberto Gallo, as the two of them were inseparable many years ago, but their duties have kept them apart.

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