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Hero - Azucena Esquivel

Hero - Azucena Esquivel


Azucena Esquival, Castillian Bodyguard

Nation: Castille

Religion: Agnostic

Traits: Brawn 2, Finesse 4, Wits 3, Resolve 2, Panache 2

Backgrounds: Assassin, Hunter

Skills: Aim 2, Athletics 2, Convince 1, Hide 3, Intimidate 2, Notice 3, Ride 1, Theft 3, Weaponry 2

Advantages: Fencer, Got It!, Psst, Over Here, Second Story Work, Small, Sniper, Streetwise

Arcana: Loyal (Hubris), Victorious (Virtue)

Secret Society: Los Vagabundos

Starting Reputation: 0

Starting Wealth: 0

Languages: Castillian, Old Thean, Sarmatian

Personal Items: Rapier, crossbow with case of bolts, traveling clothes

Background: A member of the secret society called Los Vagabundos, Azucena has maneuvered her way into being hired as Prince Aleksy’s personal guard.  Her objective is to ensure his safety and survival in the hopes that he will serve as a symbol for justice and equality.

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