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Hero - Alexsy Gracjan Nowak

Hero - Alexsy Gracjan Nowak


Alexsy Gracjan Nowak, Prince of the Commonwealth

Nation: Sarmatia

Religion: Vaticine

Traits: Brawn 4, Finesse 2, Wits 3, Resolve 2, Panache 2

Backgrounds: Aristocrat, Army Officer

Skills: Aim 2, Athletics, 2, Convince 2, Empathy 2, Intimidate 2, Perform 1, Ride 2, Scholarship 2, Warfare 3, Weaponry 2

Advantages: Academy, Direction Sense, Disarming Smile, Indomitable Will, Leadership, Reputation, Rich

Arcana: Trusting (Hubris), Willful (Virtue)

Starting Reputation: 1 (Principled)

Starting Wealth: 3

Languages: Old Thean, Sarmatian, Vodacce

Personal Items: Cavalry saber, expensive clothing

Background: A young, idealistic Prince who will do almost anything to see his people freed from the bondage imposed by their own nobility.  Aleksy has a sharp tactical mind and a great deal of personal charisma, but his political skills leave something to be desired.


For nearly half a century, the Commonwealth has been a democratic monarchy. A council of nobles—the sejm —are the true power in the nation, having the ability to vote because of their noble titles. But the King’s son—Aleksy Gracjan Nowak—discovered a way to save the Commonwealth. During his research, he found the King has a single power the sejm could not veto: the powerto grant noble title.

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