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Pirates and Explorers from Earth to 7th Sea

Pirates and Explorers from Earth to 7th Sea

Imagine if the Sidhe opened a portal into the world of 7th Sea from our Old Earth and the heroes came flooding...

Here is a list of Rob Ossian's collection of historic Pirates (including their inspiration biographies):


Abraham Blauvelt (died 1663AD - Pirate)

Alonso de Ojeda (died 1515AD - Explorer)

Alvar Nuñez Cabeza de Vaca (died 1557AD - Explorer)

Amerigo Vespucci (died 1512AD - Explorer)

Anne Bonny (died 1720AD - Pirate)

Aruj Barbarossa (died 1518AD - Corsair)

Bartholomew Roberts (died 1723AD - Pirate)

Bartolomeu Dias (died 1500D - Explorer)

Benjamin Hornigold (died 1719AD - Privateer)

Bernal Diaz del Castillo (died 1581AD - Explorer)

Calico Jack Rackham (died 1720AD - Pirate)

Captain Balestrier (died 1742AD - Corsair)

Captain Christopher Mings (died 1666AD - Pirate)

Captain Thomas Anstis (died 1723AD - Pirate)

Charles Gibbs (died 1831AD - Pirate)

Charles Vane (died 1719AD - Pirate)

Cheng I Sao (a.k.a. Ching Shih, died 1844AD - Pirate)

Christopher Columbus (died 1506AD - Explorer)

Christopher Condent (died 1770AD - Pirate)

Claes Gerritszoon Compaen (died 1660AD - Privateer)

Daniel Defoe (died 1731AD - Explorer)

David Marteen (death Unknown - Pirate)

Diego de Almagro (died 1538Ad - Explorer)

Diego Velasquez de Cuellar (died 1524AD - Explorer)

Dirk Chivers (death Unknown - Pirate)

Dixie Bull (death Unknown - Pirate)

Domingo Martinez de Irala (died 1566AD - Explorer)

Edward Collier (died 1605AD - Pirate)

Edward England (died 1720AD - Privateer)

Edward Low (died 1724AD - Pirate)

Edward Teach (a.k.a. Blackbeard, died 1718AD - Pirate)

Elizabeth Shirland (death Unknown - Pirate)

Eric Cobham (died 1760AD - Pirate)

Etienne Brule (died 1633AD - Explorer)

Eustace the Monk (died 1217AD - Privateer)

Ferdinand Magellan (died 1521AD - Explorer)

Francis Spriggs (died 1725AD - Explorer)

Francisco de Orellana (died 1546AD - Explorer)

Francisco Ferdinand de Cordoba (died 1526AD - Explorer)

Francisco Pizarro (died 1541AD - Explorer)

Francisco Vasquez de Coronado (died 1554AD - Explorer)

Francois Le Clerc (died 1563AD - Corsair)

François l'Olonnais (died 1668AD - Pirate)

Gaspar & Miguel Corte-Real (died 1502AD - Explorer)

Gasparilla (a.k.a. José Gaspar, death Unknown - Pirate)

George Booth (died 1710AD - Pirate)

George Lowther (died 1723AD - Pirate)

Gertrude Imogene Stubbs (died 1921AD - Pirate)

Giovanni da Verrazano (died 1528AD - Explorer)

Godeke Wessels (died 1402AD - Privateer)

Gonzalo Jimenez de Quesado (died 1579AD - Explorer)

Grace O'Malley (death Unknown - Pirate)

Guillame Le Testu (died 1572AD - Pirate)

Hendrick Quintor (died 1717AD - Pirate)

Henry Every (died 1695AD - Pirate)

Henry Hudson (died 1611AD - Explorer)

Henry Johnson (death Unknown - Pirate)

Henry Morgan (died 1688AD - Pirate)

Henry the Navigator (died 1460AD - Explorer)

Hernando Cortez (died 1547AD - Explorer)

Hernando de Alarcon (died 16th Century - Explorer)

Hernando de Soto (died 1542AD - Explorer)

Howell Davis (died 1719AD - Pirate)

Jacques Cartier (died 1557AD - Explorer)

James Ferguson (died 1717AD - Pirate)

Jean David Nau (died 1668AD - Pirate)

Jean Lafitte (died 1821AD - Pirate)

Jean Thomas Dulaien (died 1695AD - Privateer)

John Cabot (died 1499AD - Explorer)

John Callice (died 1587AD - Pirate)

John Coxon (death Unknown - Pirate)

John Davis (died 1605AD - Explorer)

John Evans (died 1724AD - Pirate)

John Halsey (died 1708AD - Pirate)

John Harrison (died 1776AD - Explorer)

John Hawkins (died 1595AD - Privateer)

John Julian (died 1733AD - Pirate)

John King (died 1717AD - Pirate)

John Nutt (death Unknown - Pirate)

John Yeates (death Unknown - Pirate)

Jonas Berntsson Lambert-Wenman (died 1732 - Corsair)

Joseph Rivers (died 1717AD - Pirate)

José Gaspar (a.k.a. Gasparilla, death Unknown - Pirate)

Juan de Grijalva (died 1527AD - Explorer)

Juan de la Cosa (died 1510AD - Explorer)

Juan de Oñate (died 1630AD - Explorer)

Juan Diaz de Solis (died 1516AD - Explorer)

Juan Fernandez (died 1604AD - Explorer)

Juan Ponce de Leon (died 1521AD - Explorer)

Juan Sebastian del Cano (died 1526AD - Explorer)

Khair ad Din Barbarossa (died 1546AD - Corsair)

King Alfonso V (died 1481AD - Explorer)

Klaus Störtebeker (died 1401AD - Privateer)

Lawrence Prince (death Unknown - Pirate)

Lope de Aguirre (died 1561AD - Explorer)

Louis Michel Aury (died 1821AD - Pirate)

Luis de Moscoso Alvarado (died 1551AD - Explorer)

Mansel Alcantra (death Unknown - Pirate)

Manuel Pardal Rivero (died 1670AD - Privateer)

Marco Polo (died 1323AD - Explorer)

Maria Cobham (died 1760AD - Pirate)

Martin Alonso Pinzón (died 1611AD - Explorer)

Martin Fernandez de Encisco (died 1528AD - Explorer)

Martin Frobisher (died 1595AD - Explorer)

Mary Read (died 1720AD - Pirate)

Nathaniel Gordon (died 1826AD - 1862AD - Pirate)

Nathaniel North (died 1707AD - Pirate)

Noland Richard (death Unknown - Pirate)

Palgrave Williams (death Unknown - Pirate)

Panfilo de Narváez (died 1528AD - Explorer)

Pedro Alvarez Cabral (died 1520AD - Explorer)

Pedro de Alvarado (died 1541AD - Explorer)

Pedro de Valdivia (died 1554AD - Explorer)

Pedro Menendez de Aviles (died 1574AD - Explorer)

Peter Easton (died 1619AD - Pirate)

Princess Alvilda (fictional death Unknown - Pirate)

Rachel Wall (died 1789AD - Pirate)

Ralph Stout (death Unknown - Pirate)

Red Legs Greaves (died 1680AD - Buccaneer)

Richard Worley (died 1718AD - Pirate)

Robert Culliford (died 1719AD - Pirate)

Robert Ossian (a.k.a. Pirate King, death Unknown - Explorer)

Roberto Cofresí (died 1825AD - Pirate)

Roche Braziliano (died 1675AD - Pirate)

Réné Duguay-Trouin (died 1736AD - Privateer)

Samuel Bellamy (died 1717AD - Pirate)

Samuel Burgess (died 1716AD - Pirate)

Samuel de Champlain (died 1635AD - Explorer)

Sebastian Cabot (died 1557AD - Explorer)

Sebastian de Belalcazar (died 1551AD - Explorer)

Sebastian Vizcaino (died 1615AD - Explorer)

Simon Simonson (died 1609AD - Pirate)

Sir Francis Drake (died 1596AD - Privateer)

Sir Humphrey Gilbert (died 1583AD - Explorer)

Sir Richard Grenville (died 1591AD - Explorer)

Sir Walter Raleigh (died 1618AD - Privateer)

Stede Bonnet (died 1718AD - Pirate)

Thomas Cavendish (died 1592AD - Explorer)

Thomas Jones (death Unknown - Pirate)

Thomas Tew (died 1695AD - Pirate)

Vasco da Gama (died 1524AD - Explorer)

Vasco Nunez de Balboa (died 1519AD - Explorer)

Vicente Yáñez Pinzón (died 1514AD - Explorer)

Welser Family (died 17th Century - Explorer)

Willem Barents (died 1597AD - Explorer)

William Baffin (died 1622AD - Explorer)

William Dampier (died 1715AD - Privateer)

William Howard Allen (died 1822AD - Privateer)

William Kidd (died 1701AD - Pirate)

William May (death Unknown - Pirate)

William Parker (died 1617AD - Pirate)

Woodes Rogers (died 1732AD - Privateer)

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