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First Edition Rewritten
house rules

Hi all,

Like most of the GMs out there I did some 7thSea House Rules... these ended up with some extensive rewrites - and then I discovered that someone else had also rewritten the rules (all this is obviously prior to 2.0). So now I have kinda ended up with a new system - and I was wondering if anyone would like to review / critique it.  If so please contact me.





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Sure!  Post a link if you care too.

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These are the core house rules / rules, a selection of swordsman schools and sorceries and skills.

There are also a host of other (conversion mostly) rules for other settings if anyone would like a copy, please pm me.



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For anyone who has looked at the links, please post feedback here or via a pm. Thanks.
Jordi Estefa
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Hi Lazarus,
I  am currently running a 1ed campaign and some issues with the Trait+Knack rolling poped out. The issue is that there's no real reason to not increase Traits up to 5 before spending more than one point in Knacks. Did you change any of this? I wanted to check here what are people's thoughts about it, but there's not much discussion about 1ed and your links seem broken. Not sure you're still interested in feedback. Anyway, would it be possible for you to fix the links so I could take a look? Otherwise it'd be nice if you share your thoughts right here. So far I came out with the idea that Trait dice NEVER explote, but Knack's do.

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