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Laith Cross
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Thalusai islands

Well, I would like to know more about the Thalusai islands in the 2nd edd. I own the d20 books that mention them but... I would like to know what book they will appear in?

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BluSponge blusp...
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I'm guessing the Thalusai will not be part of 2nd ed.  They weren't...well received in 1st ed when the curtain was pulled back.  Plus, John Wick has been very cagey about the Syrneth in this interation.  My guess, unless you see a book called "Secrets of the Syrneth" or somesuch, we aren't going to get anything specific on the Syrne for a good while...unless someone comes up with just a bangin' proposal for JWP.

BUT there is no reason you can't drop those Thalusai isles from 1st ed right there in the Widow's Sea.  Nothing in there will break your game.

Laith Cross
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I had hopes for some official book at some point, the islands are mentioned in the core book...

next question in the d20 version it seemed like ( SA core book) Thalusai isles were a serrate island chain... and in the northern part of the world wile the midnight isles were tropical. can you confirm?

Star West
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Originally the Thalusian Isles were much further north in the early1st Ed material and not too far off from Avalon. Later writers seemed to get a bit confused and they started to seem less discting than the MA although nothing was overtly stated if I remember correctly. Cannonically in 1e they are supposed to be a separate island chain from the Midnight Archipelago.

-Laith- Cross
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Well Kevin can you share any more of the cannon of the thalusian isles or the syrenth metta plot with me... I know a fare bit but have a feeling that I've missed something. well sir thanks and hope to hear from you soon.

Giasone Vodocci
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The Syrenth were several 'aliens' that got lumped together by humanity ( not really being able to tell them apart via ruins). Some of them were at war with 'the Bargainers' (the origins of hereditary magic in 1st ed had some nobles/partians selling out the Numan Empire vis a pact with these guys for said magic).

This was...seen as a thematic departure for several reasons. It makes me slightly nervous given their role in the New World, but it isn't "we have taken over the setting, everything is about us" yet, so...

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