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Mass Combat?
Mass, combat, battle
I'm new to 7th Sea and just got the book today. I haven't read it in depth, but I've leafed through all the major rules. One of my groups ideas for the game was for us to run this worlds own version of the Napoleonic Wars at some point in our campaign. There doesn't appear to be mass combat but how would you recommend implementing it? I feel that it should probably mirror the same kind of rules outline found in dueling and ship combat but instead of swordsmen or ships it would be military units clashing in combined arms mashups. This kind of thing would also give someone with a high warfare skill more value in a group of NPCs and would be a decent addition to the game.
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Cthulhu Netobvious
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Thanks, for the insights, I was thinking the same thing. I had strategies lined up for a sort of "Dramati War Sequence" with Raises spent on tactics like flanking, hold formation, charge the enemy, volley fire, etc. Then Consequences would be like he Wounds to a Brute Squad (10 man army unit or the 10-man ship crew). Wounds would be Dramatic if the army unit did not spend Raises for a defensive position or maneuver. Heroes would then uses Raises like generals to rally damaged units into a new unit, instill fear (break an enemy formation).

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I was actually thinking something similar and kicking around the following ideas to keep it from being a general Brutes vs Brutes:

  • Make Tactics similar to manuevers, each based off of the Warfare skill. Deal and prevent "damage", counter attacks, etc.
    • Cover, Charge, Flank, Inspire, etc
  • For squads (when you are the leader of a small group), perhaps a way to reduce damage based on Warfare?
    • Perhaps alternative skills could be useful?
      • Say a party member is in the army and announces how they wish to offer assistance. Raises could be used to help reduce damage or create opportunities? Not sure on this.
  • Perhaps "Villainous" armies are granted a Strength level (like villains), while armies run by heroes have a Death Spiral like a hero would?
    • Each Dramatic Wound is a quarter of the army lost.
    • Larger armies mean more power (100 units == 1 Strength?) or more wounds (additional soldiers == more dramatic wounds)?

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