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Kickstarter Update 99: Secret Societies Sketches
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QUOTE: John Wick (published 2020-05-11 (Monday)

Hey folks, a quick update.

Just recently, I sent a whole ton of art specs to Aaron Acevedo, our new Art Director. He got busy. He has his studio working fast on getting us the whole ton of art we're going to need for Secret Soceities, and I wanted to share some of the sketches we got.

These are for my approval, so I look them over, make notes, and then send those notes back to Aaron. He talks to the artist, we get a revised sketch, and then final approval.

Here are some of the sketches that have been approved from two artists: Bien Flores and Mirco Paganessi. Bien is working on the character sketches for each of the Societies. We're doing B&W/shaded art that you will be able to download and print yourself as physical handouts for each character appearing in the book. Mirco is doing the full color, full page chapter headers.

As the final images come in, I'll share those as well, giving you a "before and after" look at each.

Bartholomew Carrigan

Áfríðr Hälsing


The Invisible College

The Explorer's Society

As usual, if you have any questions, please let me know and I'll try to answer them as best I can.

More updates as I get more art! 

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