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Seventh Sea
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Kickstarter Update 97: Secret Societies Layout
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QUOTE: John Wick (published 2019-11-25, (Monday)

Secret Societies

Secret Societies has gone to layout! We're one step closer to getting the book to your hands. Our artists are finishing up the portraits of all the NPCs (there's a TON of them) and the chapter headers are due at the end of the month. I wanted to show you all what the book is going to look like, but that's going to be in the December update.

Geek & Sundry Episodes

A while back, I ran a game of 7th Sea for the Geek and Sundry show, Starter Kit. Those episodes were behind a paywall, but just recently, they've started posting the videos to Youtube. I've already seen a bunch of positive comments about the show. It was a lot of fun to run. I hope you have fun watching them.

Episode 1



Episode 2



Episode 3



...and THANK YOU

That's the update for this month. I want to thank you all for your patience. It's been a long haul getting everything back on track. There's been a lot of editing and re-writing, a lot of art direction and other elements that have made this a real test. I know you are all waiting and I'm working my hardest to get things out as soon as I can. The Secret Societies progress has really been a positive experience. It's been hard, but we're getting there. So, thanks again. 

Lots of new stuff next month. I'll see you then!

- John

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