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Kickstarter Update 53 (Nations of Theah Volume 2)
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QUOTE: Mark Diaz Truman (published 2017-06-, Tuesday)

Hey all!

Right on the heels of our production update in May, we’ve got a bunch of new releases, including print copies of Nations of Théah: Volume 1, final PDFs of Nations of Théah: Volume 2, and some news on the upcoming launch of the new 7th Sea board game, War of the Cross

Pirate’s Booty Shipping Update (June 2017)

We’ve been working this past two weeks on getting everything in order and out to you all as soon as possible. Since there are over 5,000 items to ship, the process is a bit time consuming… but domestic backers should be getting tracking numbers for their pieces—including individual Sorte decks, dice, etc—this week. Our shippers have assured us that we should have all domestic packages delivered by June 15th.   

In order to speed things along, we’re shipping additional books attached to these domestic orders separately. If you get your copy of Pirate Nations before your full Pirate’s Booty, no need to panic! The Pirate’s Booty will be along shortly.   

International backers should be aware that our shipment there is moving slowly through the process, but we still expect to get you a package (including any additional books you ordered) by the end of June. We’ll get tracking numbers out to you all whenever possible, and we’ll have another update on international shipping next week. If there are any delays, we’ll let you know as soon as possible.   

Our apologies for the lack of confirmation emails from our webstore when some backers put in their coupons. Apparently, you all overwhelmed our site to the point that some folks didn’t get notified that their orders went through. Please drop us a line via Kickstarter message if you are worried that your order didn’t actually make it through our system. We’ll get you sorted out.   

And again...thank you for your patience with these shipments! This is the single biggest shipping project we’ve done since the Core Rulebook back in August 2016, and it’s going to take us some time to get your items out the door and into your crew’s cargo hold. Thanks!

Nations of Théah, Vol 1: Print Copies 

And just as we’re getting the Pirate’s Booty out the door, we’ve received the print copies of Nations of Théah: Volume 1. Danielle Lauzon, as Lead Developer, did an amazing job bringing this book to print, and we’re so excited to get it into your hands! 

As with our other sourcebooks, we’ll be running the delivery for these books through our webstore via coupon codes delivered through Backerkit. We’ve already pushed those coupons out via email, but if you didn’t get an email, you can grab your coupon directly from the Backerkit Digital Downloads page: 


Getting your book from our website is simple: 

  • Get your coupon from Backerkit 
  • Go to the product page on our website: http://bit.ly/2qTA0IS 
  • Add the coupon to your order at checkout 
  • We’ll ship the book to you right away 

Note that your coupon entitles you to free shipping on your book, which applies to any other books you add to your order as well (like an additional Core RulebookPirate Nations or any other JWP product!) This coupon is also good for one year, so you can wait to use it if you’re about to change your address or want more than one book delivered at a time. 

And if you didn’t yet purchase a physical copy of Nations of Théah: Volume 1 and want to pick one up… now is a great time to buy your copy direct from our webstore:


Congrats again to Danielle Lauzon and her whole crew! They’ve put together a beautiful book, and we can’t wait to get it out to you all.

Nations of Théah, Vol 2 (DTRPG) 

Now that we’ve finally finished all the print proofing for Nations of Théah: Volume 2, we’re ready to release the final PDF on DTRPG to backers: 

What is free can never be caged. 

What is caged will never know freedom. 

Revolution, democracy, freedom—Théah’s eastern nations know these words well. As each nation struggles to find its footing in these treacherous new landscapes, unrest looms on the horizon. 

This book contains material for 7th Sea: Second Edition including new Backgrounds, Advantages, Dueling styles and new monsters. It also includes expanded setting information for Théah’s four eastern nations: 

  • Eisen, including information about the Eisenfursten, the Horrors within the nation, various locations around the nation, and an expansion on Hexenwerk. 
  • The Sarmatian Commonwealth, with an inside look at the new nobility and those who oppose it, information on the two halves of the country and an in depth look at Sanderis. 
  • Ussura, including a view of the two contenders for the throne, the Ussura countryside, and a look at Tur, a Leshiye as powerful as Matushka. 
  • Vodacce, including the ongoings of the various cities in Vodacce, important people around the nation, and a look at what happens when Sorte is used untrained. 

Adventure, political intrigue and upheaval lurk around every corner. Are you ready to take up the cause? 

As with other final digital files, this sourcebook has been pushed out to backers via Backerkit. If you didn’t get an email from Backerkit, you can grab the files directly from the Backerkit Digital Downloads page: 


Look for the Nations of Théah: Volume 2 PDF to go on sale on DTRPG in late June! We’ll also have print copies out to backers around July 10th and up for sale on our webstore by the end of July. 

War of the Cross Launch Delay 

While we’re very nearly ready to launch the Kickstarter for our diplomatic strategy game, War of the Cross, it looks like we were a bit premature in our last update. We’ve got a few art assets still to develop in order to finish our gameplay video, so we’ll be launching the campaign a little later in June. Thanks for your patience! 

In the meantime, though… we thought we’d share another few preview images. This time we’ve got one of our favorite minis, the Porte mage along with some sample story cards and treasure cards: 

Porte Sorcier

Porte Sorcier


Treasure and Story Cards

Treasure and Story Cards

Look for more information on War of the Cross soon!

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