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Fashion, Montaigne and Gloves
sorcery, fashion, Montaigne

So, I've just started playing a Porté sorceror in an online game, and realised something interesting.

In 1e, all porté sorcerors had their hands gradually and permanently stained blood-red, like a birth-mark, as they used their magic.  This meant that they could be easily identified by inquistors and the like, for burning.  On account of this, gloves were high fashion in Montaigne, and backed by l'Empereur.

In 2e, this no longer appears to be the case.  However, a porté mage needs to bloody their hands to work their magic.  The easiest way to do that in fashionable Montaigne clothes is probably by slicing your own palm open.  This will lead to experienced sorcerors eventually having hands covered in old scars, new scars and healing wounds.  You're probably going to want to cover that up when at court.  Thus, gloves are still high fashion in Montaigne :)

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Gloves are in fashion because they are gloves and help avoiding touching the common folk. Reason enough
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