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Mark Lundequist
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Farmkid Quirk

I noticed Farmkid's Quirk seem a bit vague, I am at a complete loss of trying to find a way to use this Quirk.  How do you use such background skills to solve a complex problem in a simple, tried and true method from back on the farm?  What would be considered a "Complex Problem?"  What would be a "simple, tried and true method from back on the farm?"

Anyone think of a few examples I could use to gain Hero Points for Farkmid Quirk?





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BluSponge blusp...
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I used to bullseye womprats in my T-16 back home. They're not much bigger than 3 meters.

Donovan Morningfire
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My interpretation of Farmkid's Quirk isn't so much that you're using one of the five Skills provided by the background, but that fact that your Hero was raised on a farm, and thus is more likely to employ generally simplier solutions that those Heroes of a more urban/aristocratic background might use.

BluSponge gives a good example, but I think the Quirk itself is left delibrately vague so that it can be applied in a variety of situations.  Just to be clear about one specific point (as there was some confusion about Quirks in general in the early going), a Quirk isn't a negative trait, so triggering it doesn't always have to mean it's a bad thing (case in point, Pugilist's Quirk is easy to trigger, going bare-knuckle against foes with weapons).

And to be honest, I think a number of Quirks are deliberately worded so that the GM has a fair bit of leeway on when they can be triggered.  After all, what exactly constitutes a "trained duelist" for the Diestro background?  Is that a foe that has the full Duelist Academy Advantage, or does simply having Student of Battle qualify, or more simply just a high Rank in Weaponry (be it actual Ranks or just assumed Ranks from a Villain's Strength) and a willingness to engage in duels count?  Or Professor, which requires solving a "complex problem" using knowledge from an obscure text; what exactly constitutes an "obscure" text may vary depending on the group's composition.  After all, while the works of Scarovese may be quite common in Vodacce, they'd probably be pretty obscure all the way up in Avalon or Ussura.  Same could be asked of a "noble ideal" is for purposes of the Duelist's Quirk; what's a "noble ideal" for a member of Los Vagabundos could be very different than what a member of the Rilascriare or the Brotherhood of the Coast.

My final thought would be to have the player suggest times that they think their Quirks would apply, be it Farmkid or Diestro or Professor or any other Background, and then as the GM decide if it sounds plausible enough.  In short, let the players do the heavy lifting of figuring out when a Quirk should be applicable to a situation.

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Antti Kautiainen
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Like somebodye already said, it is matter of attitude. Person from farm gets Hero Point once per session when he solves problem with conservative method. He does make solution "as it has always been done" instead trying to figure out new way.

Example: You need to get over chasm. Other start planning how to make jumping possible, but person from farm takes two planks, put it over the chasm and walks over the chasm on them.

Example 2: Players have to find out whether noble du Paix deals with Vodacceans. Farm person uses simple solution, walks to the household and asks servants of either Vodacce person or du Paix.

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It is all about using the most basic and direct method to the problem. If a wagon wheel breaks, a craftsman has to hone some boards, steam bend them, cut them to fit and attach it to the spokes using a variety of tools. The farmkid grabs a heavy branch with a bend in it, lashes it in place and has a bumpy ride home. The spy sets up elaborate surveillance to determine who the henchman is reporting to. The farmkid digs through his trash to see if there is a letter with a return address. The scientist sets up a series of experiments to find out what chemicals are in the potion. The farmkid feeds some to a mouse to see what happens.
Lech Górski
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It's actually pretty easy if you let your imagination flow :).

Problem: "The count have been poisoned!" Solution: "When my ma' got sick, we used to drink boiled water with THIS herb. That will help!"
Problem: "This door wont budge!" Solution: "I once saw a bull kick the barn's door. We need to hit it near the hinge!"
Problem: "The marquiz is too proud to ais us some help" Solution: "Back in the days, we had a stubborn neighbour. He was a lot nicier after a bottle of wine. Let's make the marquiz drunk."
Problem: "We need to sneak inside that building." Solution: "When I was young, I used to steal some of my uncle's apples. One of us need to knock on the door, so the others will sneak there in the meantime".

Please let me know if that helps.



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