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Harliquinn Whit...
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The Fallen Accords Game - Obsidian Portal
game summary

I have been running a 7th Sea 2nd Edition game for a little while...I am using Obsidian Portal to house the game. I have posted all of our game 'recaps' there if anyone is interested in reading about them.


Any thoughts, questions, feedback, etc. are welcomed.

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Lech Górski
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The website is really good! really liked the Heroes & Villains part, because I'm really interested in characters created by other people. The chronicles are nicely written and easy to read. I'd love to see more of the game mechanics included in the stories (using hero points or advantages) - this could spark an idea how to use game machanics to in actual play.

Overall - well done!

Harliquinn Whit...
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Thanks for taking a look and the comments. I like the suggestion of listing what mechanics are used. I may create a CSS style in order to do that within the writeup so as not to take away from the narrative too much. Alternatively I could create a section at the end about the general mechanics used would be good too. I have found it valuable to hear how others have used certain mechanics in their game, especially if it's a new use or alternative interpretation.


Harliquinn Whit...
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There's more session writeups available. I'm going to start trying to fill in some game mechanics as a footnote to each one. I don't think I can go into great detail but perhaps explaining whether it was a Action Sequence orDramatic Sequence, etc. might work.

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