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Seventh Sea
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DriveThruRPG - 7th Sea 2nd Edition: Adventures
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DriveThruRPG.offers 7th Sea 2nd Edition books in various useful collections (books are still sold separately but collected for purchase in one place).

Click the image below to purchase
7th Sea: Second Edition Collection of Adventures

Some interesting additions now include:

  • The Castle (official from John Wick Presents crew) In northern Eisen sits the long forgotten Duster Castle, deep within the Angenehme Wald. The castle was once the proud home of the Baderbaasch scions, but their lands went into steep, terrible decline in the later years of the War of the Cross.
  • The Caliberi Letters (official from John Wick Presents crew) The War of the Cross nearly destroyed Théah. In the end, nearly eight million people died. But what many do not know is the secret reason behind the War


Looking for the 7th Sea core rulebook? Click here

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