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Frederik Laurentzsch
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Detail Question on Sanderis

Hi everyone,


I recently purchased the 2e Core Rulebook and by now have finished the magic section. It left me with a few questions on how Sanderis is supposed to actually work. To be honest, the whole thing was rather... confusing imho, so I wanna make sure I got this right:

  • A Losejas binds a dievas to him-/herself by tricking them into some kind of contract
  • The whole contract consists of the dievas trying to void it and the losejas trying to learn the dievas' true name to destroy/banish/whatever the dievas
  • To harness the power of the contract, the losejas has to make a "Deal" (sadly, it's never specified how this works exactly, especially what the ominous "seventh deal" is supposed to be

That right so far?  Because now comes the part that's confusing me atm.

  • Said deal consists of the dievas asking a favour in return for what? A syllable of his true name?
    • If yes, does this mean, every dievas' true name has exactly seven syllables? Also, if yes, doesn't this mean that the losejas' goal should be to aquire the seventh deal, such gaining the power to destroy/banish/whatever the dievas?
    • If no, what is it exactly?
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