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Luis Olmeda
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Attack with throwing objects
throwing objects

Hi everyone!

I´ve got a question that probably will hit me when I run my next adventure. One of the villains in the adventure is a Boticario with some alchemist extracts. One of that extracts is the soporific ink. One of his combat strategies is to throw the ink to one of the heroes, so the heroe will become helpless and the villain could take him as an hostage or something like that.

The villain has to expend a raise to throw the ink bottle against the hero, but can the hero expend just one raise to avoid that flying menace?

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BluSponge blusp...
BluSponge blusponge@verizon.net's picture

So if the target is hit with the ink, he automatically becomes Helpless and thus subject to capture? Is that the jist of it?

But yes, typically a raise would indicate a hit with a thrown weapon and another raise would counter that.

Luis Olmeda
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This is what the book says: "Soporific Ink: You prepare a special ink that puts a victim under a powerful, unnaturally deep sleep if she comes in contact with the ink. When a target comes into contact with the ink, she becomes Helpless for one scene, or until some outside circumstance awakens her (such as another character vigorously shaking her, suffering Wounds, an explo-sion, etc.). Preparing this compound takes 2 Requirements."
Harliquinn Whit...
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The intended use in the original post seems to be stretching the intent of this ink. It feels like something that seeps into the skin as you read something, turning the pages and rubbing fingers along each page.

It does not appear to be a 'knock out' grenade. If a villain uses this, be prepared for your players to load up on this as an easy "I win" button in encounters.



Star West
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Whoever spends the most towards intent wins...if the Villain spends 7 Raises to throw the ink, and the Heroes can't spend 7 Raises to avoid it, too bad. They're hit with the ink and Helpless.

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