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Antti Kautiainen
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2nd Edition: foul Weather Jck


I just figured out one problem. Foul Weather Jack is something I did not thought to exist on 2nd Edition: Investment into future Advantage. The reason is that it gives character extra story thus extra experience. As GM I would simply fix this by either limiting the story to those stories altering but not advancing character. But I have better elegant solution: 

Foul Weather Jack (3 points)

This advantage gives you Foul Weather Jack story which does not give you rewards, but Hero Points. The advantage also gives Hero Point when character advances any other story too. 

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BluSponge blusp...
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Issue here is that the player always starts the game with 1 Hero Point.  So this really wouldn't award the player anything.

Wouldn't a simpler solution be the player may only advance one story per session, not both?  That would keep the XP in check.

Antti Kautiainen
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There is guideline for episode stories is 1 stage for 1 to 2 hours of English play on Game Master Stories part on page 201. 

Actually the extra hero point immediately when you gain the stage (or if it occures at end of session, at start of next story as suggested in Gamemaster section). That would give you additional Hero Points when you do  what fate has reserved for you (as Foul Weather Jack was described). 

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The player is at a table with others. Between all their plots AND the GM plots, nobody is getting advancement every session. Plus this is points spent that others used for an in session advantage. Really they are catching up.
Antti Kautiainen
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I do actually try to desing the events such fashion that every character gets at least one personal story stage, and 1 gm story stage on eveyr 6 hour gaming session (this is in Finnish which slow it down as Finnish has longer words and more elaborate senteces). It is possible character gets 2 personal story stages and no general stage for session. And I do think this is the idea: GM know the next stage of character story, and goes with it. 

Even if the rate is less than once per session, the moment of acquiring new goodies matter. If you get it one story sooner due lack of Foul wather Jack (as you focus on only one story), you have the ability 1 game earlier. This is perfect example, why "on average it balances it out" does not work in real life. 

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This is where your style of play pays off and mine suffers. I am usually looking at 8 players and 4 hours to get a session in. In a 6 hour window, you can cover that much story. But I still recommend thinking about it as the player paying points for foul weather Jack instead of the advantage they are earning. All they have really done is delay selection of their first advantage. The second Jack story will move them ahead a bit. But all this will depend on which advantage or skill they are taking with that story.
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