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  • by John Keller
  • Sat, 07/16/2016 - 00:24

Zah to you all! How similar are the schools of sword to 1st ed? I know that they were based upon real-world systems of fighting, and cinimatically romanticized at that, and that is supurb for the setting. However, since the first edition, the study of Historical European Martial Arts has broadened. As a practitioner thereof, I was wondering if any research had been made in that direction for the game. This will not hinder me from purchase of the game, which I'll be making soon; I'm just curious.

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Hello friends!

I'm a long-time 7th Sea fan who just received the 2nd edition core rules and ran my first test session. So far, my circle of friends/GMs/Players is very excited about the new edition, and we really like the streamlined character creation and the new mechanics so far. (We tend to be a very "storytelling" group overall so it works well for us.)

However, while I like the revisions to the new dueling schools and maneuvers, a few things about the way Lunge is worded have me confused. Can anyone help me answer the following questions, please?

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Anybody have thoughts on an ability for this? I have a few players asking that don't want to wait. As a stop-gap filler I was thinking it might be a once per round maneuver that deals an extra wound and awards 1 Hero Point. Then adds 1 Extra Wound to the following action IF it would deal damage. (So essentially, you could not parry on the following raise spent).
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