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After finishing Daughter of Fate and submitting far more feedback than I expected (many of them being inconsistencies like some of the notes below), I started to review the book and how certain scenes would pan out in the game. I'll try to keep things as spoiler-free as possible and focus solely on the mechanics.

==Breaking Weapons==

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So, I asked John Wick how pressure works on Brute Squads.  He looked at me and his eyes glazed for a second, he grasped his bloody mary and blurted, I don't know... it never came up."  So we started brainstorming.

The first thing we agree on is that a player SHOULD be able to pressure a brute squad.  but with the squad not having actions to spend, they can't really resist which makes for never really needing to ever use them.  so this is the potential fix:


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