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Hi all

I'm interested in 7th Sea 2nd edition, it looks really exciting. I have though been reading mixed reviews about the system; everything from the rules leaving a lot to be desired, to a genius rpgs. 

Even though I'm totally new to the system, I tend to think the more critical reviews are coming from those seeing 2nd ed as too much of a change from 1st, or those expecting something else from the system. 

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Hello all, I am a long-time 7th Sea 1e GM and this is my first forum post here. I had, in the past, written a very detailed list of different weapons and armor for my own 7th Sea campaigns because myself and my players enjoy the historical differences and quirks of arms and armor. However for 2e I wanted to create a simplified system to compliment the simplified, heroic mechanics of the new edition. In the new edition there really only seems to be three types of weapons: Melee, Ranged and Firearms. This is a big over-simplification!

-Zach H

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